Monday, March 28, 2011

Introduction and My Intentions about this blog

Good day visitors, this post is a brief description of who I am and my intentions for creating this blog. My name is Gino Osahon and I am from Nigeria. My intentions for creating this blog is to try as much as possible to discourse and share my view and what I know about Java Programming Language to anybody on the internet who is interested in studying or wanting to know about Java Programming Language.

I studied a 3 years course in Software Engineering (Java Technologies) here in Nigeria, as such I came up with the idea to just discourse and write about Java on the internet. I am not as perfect as you might think but I intend to write about Java right from the basics even to the very end of Java Programming. Each of my post will write about Java and the subsequent once will continue from the last post. I hope to do this no mater how long it takes me to finish the full Java modules. Well I think I have said enough for now because I said this post was going to be a brief description of my intensions for this blog. Less I forget I also intend to display Google Adsence also on this blog. Feel free to drop your comments and questions about my blog and how we all can get the best out of this experience. Hey guys, look forward to my next post.