Tuesday, August 23, 2011

History of Java Programming Language

My intention for this blog is to write what I know and understand about the Java Programming Language. I hope this help’s anybody seeking and wanting to learn Java Programming. I am going to start from the very beginning to enable visitors of my site learn the Language from the very start.

History of Java Programming

The microprocessor revolution’s most important contribution to date is that it made possible the development of personal computers. Personal Computers have greatly affected people’s lives and the ways organisations conduct and manage their businesses.  Recognising this, Sun Microsystems in 1991 funded an internal corporate research project named Green, which resulted in C++ based language that its creator, James Gosling, called Oak after an oak tree outside his window at Sun. it was later discovered that there was already a Programming Language called Oak. When a group of Sun Microsystems employees visited a local coffee shop, the name Java was suggested and that was how Java Programming Knowledge got its name.